Weather Event Status

Current Status

a. Current weather in Sudden Valley; clear, winds calm, temperatures 29 degrees.

b. As per SVCA snow response plan all main roads sanded/deicer applied, roads are passable with caution. Secondary roads have been sanded/deicer applied, transit on all SVCA roads should be done with caution.

Current Response operations

a. Assets have returned to staging for deployment, crews are demobilized.

b. Response  assets to deploy tomorrow morning at 4 AM to commence sand/deicing on major roads/transit areas for the  morning commute. Forecasted weather as follows:
Clear, with a low around 19. Wind chill values between 9 and 14. North wind 5 to 8 mph becoming west northwest in the evening

c. For morning operations it is anticipated freezing and icy conditions due to forecasted low temperatures

Response Assets

a. Maintenance response assets (vehicles) to deploy to commence operations tomorrow morning by 4 a.m.

b. Security patrol to provide road condition information

c. SVCA facilities (Rec Center) and Administration Offices start time to be evaluated early in the morning for opening on regular schedule depending on road conditions

External Notifications 

a. SWFA; notified

b. Bellingham School District Transportation; to be notified at 3AM on SV roads

c. Sudden Valley Amateur Radio (updates on 1610AM BeCon Emergency Info system): notified

d. Community Outlet (SVCA web page): posting to be determined after road conditions are evaluated

Future Plans and Recommendations

a. Continue to monitor weather conditions and roads

b. Update all external notifications om conditions for roads

Amplifying Information

a. Tree on vehicle reported ay Hillside Place has been mitigated road is clear.

This report to be updated by 02/05/19 by 1000 AM local or as needed

This our current status for further information please contact