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August 26th is the first day of school bus service for the 20015/2016 School Year. To minimize the safety concerns with the bus shelter pickup/drop off area on Spring Road, the following SAFETY precautions have been put in place to keep the students waiting for the bus as safe as possible.

Flagger on Spring Road

There will be a flagger in place during AM/PM bus service for Safety and Traffic control near the parking area on Spring Road. The flagger will have (3) primary functions which are;

  • Ensure safety of the students by keeping vehicles from transiting Spring Road during the timeframe when there is bus service.
  • Providing assistance for vehicles that are dropping off their students by giving verbal instructions on when it is safe to transit away from the parking area on Spring Road.
  • Providing information to the parents on where it safe to park and wait, and by distributing an information brochure.

Traffic Restrictions

There will be a physical barrier that will block transit on Spring Road during bus service times. The barrier is to keep vehicles away from students that are using the bus shelter.

Pedestrian Safety Precautions

There is now gravel on the side of the road leading to the bus shelter to provide better footing for the students.

In order to ensure better visibility, the vegetation (brush and other obstructions) have been cleared on both side of the Spring Road from the parking area to the bus shelter. This will allow for viewing of the students at the shelter from the parking area.

Overnight Parking

Signs have been placed informing residents that there is NO overnight parking at the bus drop off parking area on Spring Road. If a vehicle does park overnight, Security will cite the vehicle as being illegally parked. However, the sign clearly states that vehicles are subject to being towed. If towing becomes necessary, Johnson’s Towing will be the company that will be contacted to tow the vehicle. A Johnson’s towing sign has been place at the parking area on Spring Road.

This is the first phase effort of making this the drop off students at Spring Road as safe as possible. We are asking residents and drivers to be courteous while bus service is active, and to understand that all of these measures are make this a SAFE situation for all.

Please contact with any questions or concerns.