2021 Firewise

The SVCA Maintenance Department will be conducting 2021 Firewise from April 19th to May 10th. This is a 4-week program dedicated to cleaning up from winter storms and reducing the fuel for wildfires near structures.


  • Stack piles of trimmed or fallen branches perpendicular to the street, in a neat pile, acceptable pile sizes are between 5′ – 10′.
  • Please try to stack them so they all point the same direction with thick end facing the street.
  • We can accept branches from 1” to 7” in diameter. Branches need to be at least 2’ in length so they can be chipped.
  • We cannot accept garbage, dimension lumber, cones, small debris (leaves), ferns, twigs, and blackberry vines as they will clog chipper.

If you have items that are too small for chipping, they can be dropped off at the Clean Green location on the scheduled disposal days from May-September. Clean Green information will be sent out & posted as we get closer to May.

PLEASE refrain from completing this form UNTIL your branches are out and ready for pickup: