Resources for Flood Victims

Sudden Valley Community Association has been made aware of some resources that can be accessed by our residents who have been impacted by the recent floods in Whatcom County. These resources are not provided by SVCA and staff may have very limited knowledge regarding these programs.

First, we have been notified by the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office that DSHS support is now available to Whatcom County residents (including Sudden Valley). A Mobile Community Service Office will be operating November 30th and December 1st at Valley Church in Everson. Those seeking financial assistance through DSHS can check with that office between 9am and 4pm those days or call 877-501-2233 for help over the phone.

If you believe you may qualify for financial assistance, we recommend reading the entire original statement from the Sheriff’s Office (found here) and reviewing the Disaster Cash Assistance Program details that can be found at

Second, we understand that mental health is an issue that can frequently be overlooked during these disasters. Whatcom County has posted some helpful guidelines and links to resources for those in our community that may be struggling.

To find out more, please refer to the following link to Whatcom County’s site:

Take care and stay safe everyone!