Sudden Valley Community Association Ballot Box

SVCA’s ballot drop box can be found in the Clubhouse at 4 Clubhouse Circle. Located in the lobby directly across from the old Administrative Offices, the drop box is accessible between 7am and 10pm seven days a week and will be available until 4:30 pm on Friday, November 4.

The drop box is a locked metal box designed to keep ballots secure. In addition to being locked, it is also attached to the wall. The keys to the box are under the joint control of the Nominations and Elections Committee Chair, Nancy Alyanak; Committee Member Michael Wordsworth; and General Manager Jo Anne Jensen. The keys are kept in a signed and sealed envelope inside a safe. All three individuals must be present to open the envelope and use the keys.

The drop box is checked at regular intervals and emptied of ballots. All three individuals must be present during this work. When ballots are taken out of the drop box, they are examined for signature, date stamped, and counted. Once the count is confirmed, the ballots are locked in a gun case and stored in a locked closet. The keys to the gun case and storage closet are kept with the key to the drop box. When not in use, all the election keys are stored in a signed and sealed envelope inside a safe.

This information is being shared with the community because it is important that homeowners know how to cast their vote and have confidence in the process by which ballots are kept secure.