Sudden Valley Hazardous Tree Removals Underway

Sudden Valley has a number of hazardous trees identified for removal currently.
• We have a contractor on site doing this work to ensure that people and property are
kept safe.

• We cannot provide a schedule of which tress will be cut when, as the current wind
conditions require an up-to-the-minute analysis of conditions when downing these trees,
in order to ensure the safety of our contractor and the area residents.

• After trees are cut, most branches are removed, but most logs are left in place to decay
over time. This helps address carbon capture, reduces costs, and is consistent with
appropriate management for water quality issues in the Lake Whatcom watershed.

• When the contractor has completed his identification of all the trees that need to be
removed we will provide that list on our website.

• Please be kind to the workers removing these trees. A few folks have gotten angry at the
noise and inconvenience, but I think everyone agrees that safety is the appropriate
priority. The workers are trying to do their work as quickly and as unobtrusively as possible.

• If you feel there are other trees on Sudden Valley property (not on private property)
that are candidates for “hazardous tree” designation please call our office at 360-734-